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Hey Team Goade!

We’re coming up on the anniversary of Rich’s birth/death day on May 2nd. In honor of him and his battle with cancer, we are selling these blankets “buy one, donate one.”

The donated blankets will be given to St. Marks Hospital to use in their blanket warmer’s in their oncology wing!  A big thank you to our awesome Dr. Scott Hacking for making that happen!! All profits will go to a St. Marks fund for cancer patients with late bills! The blanket company has offered to sell these blankets to me for cost so more money can go towards helping cancer patients and their families in ways they really need. A big thank you to Dave Logan for this very generous offer!

The blankets are a twin size (60×80) and unbelievably soft and furry and they wash really well. The blankets are $35.

Follow this link to reserve your blanket today. In a couple weeks I’ll contact you for your credit card info.






Team Goade 2012


Team Goade is inspired by Rich Goade, the full-time cancer fighter. (http://www.richgoade.com) He’s taking down cancer with faith, an excellent team of doctors and a positive attitude. We want him to know that were fighting right along with him and we always will be. Watch out! We fight dirtier than butt cancer and we will not stop until it’s wiped clean! Send prayers, send love, get involved!