How to Help

We are #thankful for all of you for supporting Rich, Amy, and their 3 amazing daughters for many years with love, prayers, messages, kindness, generosity, and your presence.

For anyone asking “What can I do to help?” or “How can I help?”, here are some options in place to assist the Goade family with their immediate, necessary expenses.

  1. Chase Bank QuickPay: Chase customers can make donations via QuickPay at (or an app) by sending your donation to
  2. Electronic Transfer: Send your donation from your bank to Chase Bank using the account information provided at Team Goade page on Facebook:
  3. Visit Chase: Go into any local Chase Bank branch and ask to make a deposit to Amanda Goade or Richard Goade.
  4. Send a Check: Send a check to Amanda Goade using the address at or send a Facebook message (or e-mail) to ErinJerryPaul, or Kelly and we will send you their mailing address.
  5. PayPal: If you would like to contribute any amount using PayPal, please click the “Donate” button.

Thank you! You all are so amazing!

Team Goade


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